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Can we select the music that we would like for you to play?
YES! For all of our wedding couples we will provide you with a wedding questionnaire that takes you step by step through selecting all of your music and events. It will be due back to us 45 to 30 days before your wedding so we can start building your timeline with you. For all other events you can absolutely send over a customized playlist of your choice!

**All of our music is clean radio edits to accommodate all ages.

Can we come to see you perform at an event?
All of our events are private events. Out of respect to our clients and you we do not invite others in to observe. We do however host a fabulous video vimeo channel so you can see live videos of us in action. Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram for a weekend to see us out and about doing what we love!

How will my DJ get people to dance?
Some DJs use props, games and gimmicks to get people on the dancefloor. We don’t do that. Instead, our DJs are experts at timing and reading the dancefloor. They know which songs play well into which songs (one might call it “flow”) and which songs will do well based on the guidelines you’ve given them and what the guests respond to. Simply put we like to call it our DJ magic!

We want to incorporate ethnic traditions into our event. Can you hang with that?
Absolutely! We are all about playing music that reflects who you are. Since a lot of these traditions are specific to families and even regions of the world, we would want your guidance to make sure that we are absolutely nailing it.

What kind of equipment do you use?
All of our equipment is digital high-end sound equipment by QSC, JBL, Yamaha and Newmark. We spin all of our music off of dual laptops so we have access to every song available on planet earth! All of our microphones are Shure wireless mics. Lighting is high-end LED lighting. We bring in everything that we need for the success and quality of your event including back up equipment. You are never asked to provide us with anything. If you have specific needs regarding equipment just give us a ring!

Why shouldn’t I just use my iPod at my event?
You totally could, but we don’t recommend it. Here’s a short list of why not:

An iPod isn’t an MC. It won’t announce the wedding party or announce the cake cutting, and it definitely won’t fix itself if there are technical difficulties.

An iPod can’t read the dancefloor – it won’t know when it’s appropriate to cue the hip-hop or bring it down for a slow jam.

An iPod can’t cross-fade and beat match, so you’re going to end up with an awkward silence between each song, which is a trigger for people to leave the dancefloor to get a drink, go to the restroom or return to their table – not great for keeping the dancefloor going.

Sure, an iPod is cheaper. But it creates a ton of work for you, both before and during the event, and anyone who’s ever planned any type of event will tell you that you’ve got enough on your plate.

Do you offer Bilingual DJs & MCs?

Yes, our Bilingual DJ & MC Manny speaks both Spanish and English fluently.  He is also well versed in all types of Latin music. Please let us know if you need a Bilingual DJ & MC so we can arrange a meeting with him for you.

What if my DJ can’t be at my event because of a car accident, alien abduction, etc.?
It would take A LOT…something huge and catastrophic. Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep us from getting to you (babe). But if an emergency strikes, we have DJs that are on call so one of our own would cover the event. If not, we are tapped into a network of amazing DJs that we can call in.   We’ve got you covered!

We like you. What do we do next?

Send us an e-mail, text or call with your date, venue and type of event (we need all that info to start the conversation). We will respond with our availability and a personalized quote for you to review. After you review please reach out to us with any questions that you have. We are happy to set up a personal interview with you and your DJ to go over all the details and your vision for your event.
**We’ll get back to you within 24 hours Monday – Thursday. If you catch us Friday – Sunday while we are out rockin’ events you will hear back from us first thing Monday morning.


  • We know how to beat-match, cross-fade and do all the magical musical things DJs do. We’ve got skills!

  • You get your own personal DJ & MC from start to finish.

  • Yes, we have insurance and can provide a copy to your venue.

  • We dress like your guests (except your tacky Aunt Gertrude). No sequin vests or red tuxedos. We are fancy people.

Do you have any preferred venues that you work with?

Yes, all of these venues below and many more!

Agave of Sedona

Bella Rose Estate

Blackstone Country Club

Gather Estate

Kiva Club

McCormick Ranch Golf Club

Pebble Creek Country Club

The Paseo

Troon North Golf Club

The Willow

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